The Literary Park dedicated to the Poet "Giuseppe Giovanni Battaglia" was established in the City of Aliminusa with the resolution n°17 of the City Council of 29.07.2013 through an agreement with the “Società Dante Alighieri” of Rome, which, in collaboration with the Society "Paesaggio Culturale Italiano", guarantees and protects the brand of all Italian literary parks dedicated to the most important Italian poets and writers.

In Sicily - to date - there are already two literary parks: the Literary Park “Salvatore Quasimodo” in Modica (RG) and the Literary Park “Giovanni Verga” in Vizzini (CT), so the birth of the Literary Park in Aliminusa, dedicated to our poet, Battaglia, represents a huge privilege and honor at regional level, because it is the third Literary Park in Sicily, as well as the sixteenth Literary Park at national level.

It is useful to describe what a Literary Park is, using the definition given by the “Società Dante Alighieri”, namely: The Literary Parks are routes and itineraries through the places for living and inspiration of the great writers of all time. A text tells city, squares, but also landscapes, countries etc., cultural and environmental heritage to be protected, enhanced and made accessible to visitors through a journey in literature and memory, through cultural activities and events designed to present the writers and their places of inspiration. The proposal try to revive the memory of many men of letters through sensory patterns, tasting, hearing, touching and observing all that has brought an author to write historical pages of literature.

The Literary Parks let you know the author in his human dimension: his strengths, his flaws, weaknesses that make him closer to the public: a Literary Park is made of welcome, guided tours, events, and it provides food and wine activities and crafts. A suitable instrument for the development of the area and the networking of activities for the protection, promotion and enhancement of cultural heritage, in line with the “UNESCO Conventions”.

Many critics consider Battaglia as the poet of modern society, as in his poems are well described and denounced the negativity in the world today: the abuses of the strong against the weak, the uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources and environment, the disappearance of the values ​​of solidarity and honesty in the activities of public institutions. These features of contemporary society is the result of a concept of society based on individualism and profit for its own sake, in which man feels master of nature and of the “fruits” without regard to the future and hopes of the new generations.

Battaglia's poetry denounces social injustice and is linked to the rural history of his country of origin (the small Aliminusa), but it has an universal inspiration because it represents a hard and strict analysis of peasant struggles that characterized the XXI century, for the conquest of the land at the expense of the lords of time. It is easy to find in the Battaglia's works careful description of conflicts and social differences between rich and poor and between strong and weak, with a simple and effective description of the feelings that have shaken the social classes involved, with particular attention to the aspirations of the weakest in search of a better future, to create a more just and more equitable society.

This suggests us that new generations need to rediscover the values ​​of rural culture: that is, the solidarity, the sacrifice in the work, honesty and humility. The great Leonardo Sciascia, reading the works of poet G.G. Battaglia, described him as the farmer poet, the poet of the earth. That's why Aliminusa has decided to build a visitors' center of the Literary Park where you can walk in a very pristine environment and read the most important poems of the poet in a guided tour. What we want to do there is to give to all students of Italian and visitors the opportunity to know Battaglia's poetry and the rural culture with a sensory pattern (pattern of poetry, Poet's room, farm animal area).

The project “Uno zoo contadino per tutti gli alunni d’Italia” (A zoo farm for all pupils of Italy) was approved with the resolution No. 47 of 29.07.2014. With the implementation of this project is specific aim of the Municipality to maintain a close and direct link between the population and the rural world; in this way, young people can know and appreciate specimens of animal expression of the rural world (for example, hens, rabbits, sheep, goats, donkeys, mules and geese) that, otherwise, it would be impossible for them to see in ordinary places of everyday life, then a veritable petting zoo that has got the characteristic of being accompanied by a cultural message represented by the poetry of the poet, which makes this zoo unique in the national scene.

Finally, in the visitor center there is an “area mercatale” (seven log cabins with attached toilets), ie a dining area in which guests can sample the local products, they can have lunch based on fresh ricotta cheese, genuine cheeses, bread with extra-virgin olive oil and “salsiccia asciutta” (sausage) and other delicacies from the farm kitchen. Moreover, after lunch, visitors can have fun playing tennis or football in the adjacent sport fields.