Scintific Committee

The Scientific Committee is made up of seven professionals, whose task is to assist and cooperate with the “Ente Municipale” for the management of the Literary Park in order to popularize and promote the poetry of the poet Giuseppe Giovanni Battaglia.

The Scientific Committee is composed as follows:

Vincenzo Ognibene - President - architect, painter, writer;

Antonina Battaglia - Component - Math Teacher (poet's sister);

Francesca Luzzio - Component - Teacher of Classical Literature, writer and literary critic;

Pasquale Scimeca - Component - Teacher of Modern Literature and History, set designer and director (poet's cousin);

Roberto Sottile - Component - Professor of Italian Linguistics;

Florinda Pecoraro - Component - Chomskian Linguist and artist;

Rosolino Mendola - Component - Teacher of Art History and Design, architect and artist.